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It means taking account of all the circumstances and the broadest view of what it is best to do before acting. Reflexivity is a process of learning and self-development. Unlike reflection, which is about considering events in the past, reflexivity is very much about the present. It is being aware of your relationship with others and how you contribute to the business and society at large. Reflect also on the views of the community and society.

Staying in tune with these will help keep your business at the crest of the wave. You can then compensate for these by seeking out others with the right knowledge and experience.

The Importance of Wisdom

Prioritise them and articulate the expectations behind them. Incorporate them into your decision making and see how you can improve the decision. There should be enough room for both.

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Reflect on your experience, yet listen to your gut-feeling. Logic and emotion may appear to be opposites but they are complementary. Your instincts are rooted in unconscious analysis of your experiences and in your hidden knowledge. Listen to your intuition and back up your feelings with reliable information and analysis. Skip to menu Skip to content Skip to footer. Site search Search.

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Wisdom Management ~ Future of CIO

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What do we need to know about wisdom?

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