Five One Act Plays for Kids

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Chicken, airbags and wors — South African comedy scripts. Choices — South African plays for teenagers. Church of Satan — religious satire script. Dislocations — drama about an African American man lost in the wrong place at the wrong time. For never, not always — one act comedy scripts. Gatecrashers — one act comedy about a wedding crashing elderly couple.

Gorgeous — one act comedy about a horrible, horrible audition. Happy Reality — fairytale story for adults. If God Ate Fried Chicken — a short farcical comedy. Home — romantic one act drama for two actors. Imperfectly serious absurd comedy script. In the Drink — one act melodrama plays 1M 1F.

Lady Killers — three monologues by women who kill or have killed. Luke Warm — a bizarre superhero beats villain comedy. Mateo falcone — classic tragedy in one act. Meeting Meryl — short comedies, theatre of the absurd. Miss Independent — one act comedy about what not to do when your marriage goes down the toilet. Murder in the Asylum — absurd whodunit script. Oedipus the play — classic Greek mythological tale in the format of a play. Never alone — play about teen depression. Parallelodram Two — short drama that parallels two families with the same problem but two very different outcomes — nature versus nurture!

Roots and wings — award winning two hander drama for two men. Sindication — one act drama that breaks the fourth wall. Snow in July — a collection of one act plays. The Case of Ivan Kane — serial killer script. The coming of Jed Crest — British one act comedy plays. The Duck of the Baskervilles — punful Sherlock Holmes play. The Encounter — romantic drama for two actors.

The End of Class — Teen sci-fi comedy. The Game of Life — one act comedy plays for 6 actors. The Golden years — comedy script for seniors. The Most Important Thing — Christian one act drama. Mysterious Death of Christine Wilde — young actress with promising career dies. My Middle Name is Angry — a Two-hander comedy in one act. Ralph — film noir style whodunit.

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Restaurants at Beautiful times — a one act drama for four actors Strip me to the bone — a one act sex comedy about a bachelorette party gone wrong. Surprises — short one act drama for two women. The Any Key — short monologues for men. The Basement — a one act comedy thriller.

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The Call Centre — short comedy sketch about insurance call centre. The Chicken or the Egg — a political satire. The love of Cheesecake — adult comedy in one act. The Perfect Partnership — romantic comedy for 3 actors. The Restaurants are Screaming — award winning period drama play. The Safety Officer — one act comedy for amdram. The Test — comedy about taking a pregnancy test. The Vampire Drudgeries — teen comedy about a rebellious vegetarian vampire. The Well Keepers — play for older children based on a traditional folk tale.

The Wilting Press — when a flower represents your encounter with a helpful stranger. Think before you vote — South African school story. Two Brothers — a two hander one act play. Waiting — the battle of the sexes in the queue to go to the loo for 1M 1F. Wall Flower house — a play about conquering agoraphobia. When summer dies of shame — one act drama for three actors. White widow — teen ghost story script.

Free One-Act Plays for Drama Class

Wilson — one act duologue for 1M 1F. You do what you can — parody on Macbeth. A Castle:Broken Apart ten minute drama for a cast of 3. A Cut Above the Rest — Farce in one act. A Love, never forgotten — comedy — drama for mature actors set in a retirement home. A Manger Carol — a Nativity Play for kids and teens. A major for Dixie comedy about running for mayor.

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A Payment Unkind — one act about sexual exploitation in the entertainment industry. A Puzzle for two — a philosophical play. Agatha the ugly — period drama about friendship. Alien research — funny play for primary school children.


Antigone — Greek Tragedy script. Awaiting patients — comedy for high school festivals. Boy-1 — science fiction play for teens. Chicken salad — drama for two women. Choice — hard hitting British drama scripts. Crossword — British award winning play about murder. Extra Lessons — a high school one act comedy where the boy kisses the teacher. Final Conversations — award nominated short drama about the last morning a son spends on earth. First to see the lights go on -drama about postnatal depression.

Frida and Diego — play about Frida Kahlo.


Friends and Family — teen drama script. Getting this close — teen romantic comedy for high school. Goddle — sci-fi comedy script. Goon Today — funny fairy tale script for adults and older teens. Happy Wife — a drama about newlywed infidelity.

In tents — one act teen play about bullying. Irish Jack — drama comedy about marrying outside your culture.

Students take to the stage for annual ‘Festival of One Act Plays’

Is this seat taken? Award winning British one act comedy drama. Joined at the hip — South African comedy scripts. Jinxed — insane one act comedy script. Jump — one act drama about teen suicide. Lady T — one act drama for high school and drama college Le Shaggy dog — award winning comedy set in wartime France. Lonely heart — one act comedy about a scam. Love is a stranger — British one act about forbidden love. Lovely to look at — comedy about community theatre. Madrababes — fun filled one act musicals.

Mirror — play for younger teens. Molly and the magic phone — musical for children. North Fork — when two brothers love the same girl — it causes a rift in the family that may never heal.

Five One Act Plays for Kids Five One Act Plays for Kids
Five One Act Plays for Kids Five One Act Plays for Kids
Five One Act Plays for Kids Five One Act Plays for Kids
Five One Act Plays for Kids Five One Act Plays for Kids
Five One Act Plays for Kids Five One Act Plays for Kids
Five One Act Plays for Kids Five One Act Plays for Kids
Five One Act Plays for Kids Five One Act Plays for Kids
Five One Act Plays for Kids Five One Act Plays for Kids

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