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How does Joshua go to school in Japan? He rides the subway at AM. He takes a school bus every morning. He walks with a group of students. Which item did Joshua NOT take to school? What does Josh do first when he gets to school? He practices his reading and writing. He puts on his gym clothes for class. He stands and bows to the teacher. Where does Joshua eat lunch at school? Private: A Day at School. Share your Results : Facebook Twitter. Just tell us who you are to view your results!

Your first name :. I consent to having form collect my name and email! Please share this quiz to view your results. Try this activity to practice the vocabulary from the conversation: Gap-fill Exercise. We are going along and then suddenly, there is a threat to our health or that of our spouse or child. Or we may face the death of a loved one which brings heartache, loneliness, along with new pressures and responsibilities. Israel would get into the land the same way they got out of Egypt. Likewise, we enter into the abundant life of Christ the same way we were delivered from wrath—by faith in the saving life of Christ.

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Just as we trusted in Christ and the accomplishments of the cross for justification and redemption, so we must reckon on those same accomplishments as the basis for our security and daily deliverance Rom. Be strong and courageous!

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And what was true for Joshua is equally true for us. There is a word or theme repeated at least three times in these verses that we need to pick up on and relate to. So the issue before Joshua was a call to be strong and courageous in view of the mantle of leadership that was being passed on to him. God was calling him to a very special and difficult ministry, one with tremendous challenges and obstacles far beyond his own skill or abilities. But life for all of us is filled with such challenges so let us not pass over this without seeing the personal application this can have for each of us.

Verses are fundamental for obtaining the strength and courage anyone needs for the challenges of any ministry or responsibility. This passage is not just for a special class of leaders like pastors or missionaries.

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God has called each of us to ministry. No believer is exempt. We are all gifted, we are all priests of God, and leaders in some sense with personal responsibilities to others whether elders, deacons, moms or dads, etc. People often run from ministry or difficult situations because of fear or because of the obstacles. Others, being overconfident in themselves may seek to strike out in their own steam, an equally wrong way to try to serve the Lord as we will see illustrated in chapter 7 with the defeat at Ai.

Biblically speaking, where does moral strength and courage come from and does it mean the absence of fear? Moral strength and courage come from 1 faith in the sovereignty and provision of God and 2 in the fact that we are convinced what we are doing is right and best and essential to life. But there is much more as this passage will show us.

Courage is that quality of mind that enables men to encounter danger and difficulty with firmness and resolve in spite of inner fears cf.

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In other words, courage is not the absence of fear. In his excellent book on spiritual leadership, J. Oswald Sanders wrote:. Courage of the highest order is demanded of a spiritual leader—always moral courage and frequently physical courage as well …. Martin Luther possessed this important quality in unusual measure. It has been asserted that he was perhaps as fearless a man as ever lived.

I shall not flee, much less recant. But Luther would not be dissuaded. But not all men are courageous by nature as Luther was, and that fact is both explicit and implicit in Scripture.

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The highest degree of courage is seen in the person who is most fearful but refuses to capitulate to it. Had they been without fear, the command would have been pointless. So where do strength and courage come from?

Biblical Credibility and Joshua 10: What Does the Text Really Claim?

These concepts teach us several important ingredients:. Without this understanding, one will hardly have the motivation or courage to move into the ministries God wants to call us to. There is a specific process to be noted here in verses Also, Joshua is reminded that he had been prepared and trained for this as the servant of Moses Joshua being spoken to in verse 1 is equivalent to us gaining biblical insight.

It is this that forms the foundation for courage and conviction and for faith and action. Being the understudy of Moses illustrates a couple of key principles: 1 The principle of having a godly example 1 Tim.

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Joshua had been faithful in the little things and would be faithful in much. Service in the larger areas of responsibility starts with faithfulness in smaller things. We each need to find a place to serve and grow. It may become the training ground for other areas of ministry to which God may be calling you. This statement reminds us that no one is indispensable and leadership changes.

If we are not training others and being trained ourselves, we leave gaping holes 2 Tim. And this is true for all of us in ministry for whatever reason there is a void left by the removal of the servants of God. But there is another element that is vital to courage and decisiveness in doing the will of God.

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Please note the promises given to Joshua here were given in relation to the ministry and work to which God had called him. This applies to each of us regardless of the particular ministry God has called us to in the body of Christ. Read these verses carefully and see what application you can make from them to your life. Do you feel the tug of God on your life to serve him in a particular way, but you are afraid? Are you afraid of failure? Are you afraid of what it might cost you? Meditate on these verses. We might also note some of the obstacles that can be observed in this passage because in claiming the promises of God, faith must face the obstacles.

There is good reason to believe that the Jordan was swollen over its banks at this time of year cf. Here is one of the reasons courage is needed. Further, to cross the Jordan meant to enter into a hostile land, a land full of enemies some of whom were giants and who lived in strongly fortified cities. This was no simple challenge. Remember, the previous generation failed at Kadesh Barnea because of a lack of courage.

But there is more here. The very numbers made this a colossal task.

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But Joshua had the responsibility of leading a people who were noted for being stiff necked and throwing stones at their leaders. In fact, He was then and had for some time been preparing the inhabitants for defeat cf. The land had been theirs for forty years but they failed to enter in because of unbelief and a lack of courage. In essence, every principle of Scripture becomes a promise because with the principle comes the inherent promise of God who is perfect veracity so that we can count on the principle. They are not to achieve economic advantage by being a servant of God.

At some point the reasonable need for receiving a decent living and thus being paid for carrying the Gospel to others can turn into selling the Gospel for profit. A passion and a duty can become no more than a profession. The first tribe on the west side of the Jordan to receive their inheritance was Judah. Verse 8 begins the story of just how it was that it happened this way.

The camp of Israel was still located in Gilgal; and some of the clan leaders of the tribe of Judah approached Joshua; specifically it was the clan of Kalev Caleb who sought to receive their land inheritance NOW. So in rather typical Middle Eastern fashion Kalev reminds Joshua of what happened many years earlier, out in the wilderness, when Moses put together a scouting party of 12 to reconnoiter the Land of Canaan. Kalev and the man he is now beseeching to give him land, Joshua, were among those But the scouting party returned with bad news: the enemy was too well fortified and there were fierce warriors called the Anakim, giants, who were sure to annihilate Israel.

Kalev and Joshua, however, disagreed not with the assessment but with the conclusion. They agreed that the challenge was great and dangerous but that if God be with them, victory was theirs. The majority won out and Israel was turned back into the desert to wander for 38 more years. This is actually rather startling when we understand what this means. Kenaz was descended from Edom, a non-Israelite tribe. So here we have Kalev who is closely tied to the Edomites, but yet a member of the tribe of Judah, asking for his land inheritance. And that is exactly as God intended. The Lord told Abraham that any foreigner who wanted to join the Hebrews should be welcomed, with the understanding that to join meant to worship only the God of Abraham.

Good Questions Have Groups Talking -- Joshua Good Questions Have Groups Talking -- Joshua
Good Questions Have Groups Talking -- Joshua Good Questions Have Groups Talking -- Joshua
Good Questions Have Groups Talking -- Joshua Good Questions Have Groups Talking -- Joshua
Good Questions Have Groups Talking -- Joshua Good Questions Have Groups Talking -- Joshua
Good Questions Have Groups Talking -- Joshua Good Questions Have Groups Talking -- Joshua
Good Questions Have Groups Talking -- Joshua Good Questions Have Groups Talking -- Joshua
Good Questions Have Groups Talking -- Joshua Good Questions Have Groups Talking -- Joshua
Good Questions Have Groups Talking -- Joshua Good Questions Have Groups Talking -- Joshua

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