Private: No. 1 Suspect: (Private 4)

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Recently Viewed. Private: No. Sci and Mo-bot arrived with their modern technology to undertake a quick but thorough analysis as interference in any way with a crime scene is illegal.

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To the Police, Jack seemed to be suspect number one, an open-and-shut case. A fifth-time serial murder by garroting occurred for the third time in one of the hotels owned by another client, Amelia Poole called Jinx. A young movie star, Danny Whitman, with a criminal zipper problem under-age girls requires full-time minders when filming his latest potential blockbuster. Tommy Morgan Snr. The girl attending Jillian Delaney was a petite, moonlighting college student putting herself through medicine. They believed she had no part in it.

Later, Jack was entertaining Jinx at his home when a phone call from her hotel brought the news of another murder by garrote. They went to her place immediately, knocked on the door and called out to her. They had no response but heard a car start up out back and head at high speed to the front and escape. Finally she headed into a cul-de-sac at high speed and purposefully crashed into the barrier wall at its end, killing her after she admitted to the murders to Jack and Del Rio; she hated men. Their informers gave details of where the van was secreted and they staked out the site.

Scotty joined them there and conducted an internal survey of the premises acting the role of an applicant for work. He was given a tour of the warehouse and had observed the van together with the security system, highly impressing the other two.

A few nights later they are back to break into the warehouse and not cause them to be trapped by police or the other gang. They soon find the van secreted behind shelves of pots and other material. The boys rang Jack to tell him they were mobile, well away from the warehouse, on the way to their meeting place predetermined with Carmine Noccia. Jack contacted Chief Mickey Fescoe and gave him details of the job and whereabouts of the van. The Chief was delighted. When Jack entered the pub, Mike looked up through the crowd to see him, then his face showed great emotion.

He struggled through the crowd from the bar to Jack, who never saw the punch coming. Danny Whitman was making his next blockbuster as Justine and Scotty met with all the entourage and hangers-on.

Private: No. 1 Suspect (Private 4) Unabridged edition

Danny had been charged with statutory rape of a year old starlet, Katie Blackwell. Danny claims he had never met the girl personally, could not have had sex in his small, sporty car and was being framed after being drugged. Scotty and Del Rio were later on site as minders when Danny was about to do the next scene with year old starlet, Piper Winnick. She was overwhelmed by being in a film with him, guaranteed to promote any young actor to stardom, and was joking around with him getting into the personalities of their roles of two young spies.

They were to appear from the house, go to a luxury sports car whilst talking and drive away. Danny gunned the engine, Piper screamed and the car shot forward to the road and was quickly out of sight. The Police called it a kidnapping.

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Del Rio met Justine searching the trail outdoors of the luxury cabin Danny had bought as a bolt-hole. They called out for Danny and could faintly hear his response. He was found in his boxers only, stank of alcohol, was almost hysterical. Del Rio used a little rough handling to get Danny to tell him where Piper was. He pointed to the cliff nearby and cried that he could not lift her. Del Rio walked to the edge and could see her broken body yards down the canyon.

He had to go down to check her state though he was sure Piper was dead. In the hospital ward from self-inflicted injury, he is handcuffed to the bed and claims innocence, someone else who had been at the cabin had harmed Piper. Both Jack and Justine agreed with this thought. He pleaded to give up the real murderer. Koulos would lose millions and was over extended by his expenditure on lifestyle and general waste.


One of the best in the Private series, but don't miss out on the others! Engaging from the off and well read. I would recommend if you enjoy this author and narrator. I enjoyed this book, as I have enjoyed all the Private series, but I think the resolution to the main crime in this novel was rushed and could have been developed more thoroughly earlier in the narrative.

Whilst the Private crime investigation series books all stand alone and each one is a good story, I prefer to listen to them in series order so that there is a logic to the background drama of relationships between the characters. The series order as it appears on Audible does not match the date of publication and this may cause the listener to question some elements of the background stories if the books are heard in the Audible sequence.

My understanding is that this book is number four in the series, coming straight after Private Games, which in turn follows Private London. I am new to James Patterson but like him, not quite sure how, or why he feels the need for a co-writer, but there you are.

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It was a good story, not exeptional but still a good read. However, if I am going to nit pick JP seems a bit obsessed by what his characters are wearing eg "Justine walked into the room her hair falling onto her dark blue Jacket which she wore over a whitle silk shirt teamed with navy jeans, I picked up my brown leather jacket that was draped over the chair and put it on over my Armani shirt and jeans" at one point I wanted to shout "oh for goodness sake man get on with it, I'm not interested in what you are wearing".

It became irritating after a while and I skipped the fashion bits. That was the reason I gave it a 4 star instead of a 5. Still a good story though.

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  8. It was pretty dreadful just full of American slang that grated on me The story line was poor and not worth buying. By: James Patterson , Maxine Paetro. Narrated by: Scott Shepherd. Series: Private Patterson , Book 2.

    Private #1 Suspect (Private, #2) by James Patterson

    Length: 7 hrs and 18 mins. People who bought this also bought Juror No. Publisher's Summary Since former US Marine Jack Morgan started Private, it has become the world's most effective investigation firm - sought out by the famous and the powerful to discreetly handle their most intimate problems. What members say Average Customer Ratings Overall. Amazon Reviews. No Reviews are Available.

    Private: #1 Suspect

    Sort by:. Most Helpful Most Recent. Dorota Ruth Great book One of the best in the Private series, but don't miss out on the others!

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    Private: No. 1 Suspect: (Private 4) Private: No. 1 Suspect: (Private 4)
    Private: No. 1 Suspect: (Private 4) Private: No. 1 Suspect: (Private 4)
    Private: No. 1 Suspect: (Private 4) Private: No. 1 Suspect: (Private 4)
    Private: No. 1 Suspect: (Private 4) Private: No. 1 Suspect: (Private 4)
    Private: No. 1 Suspect: (Private 4) Private: No. 1 Suspect: (Private 4)
    Private: No. 1 Suspect: (Private 4) Private: No. 1 Suspect: (Private 4)
    Private: No. 1 Suspect: (Private 4) Private: No. 1 Suspect: (Private 4)
    Private: No. 1 Suspect: (Private 4) Private: No. 1 Suspect: (Private 4)
    Private: No. 1 Suspect: (Private 4)

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