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Open Preview See a Problem? William Russette. Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Pro Se Presents by C. Pro Se Presents: November by C. William Russette ,. Kevin Rodgers Goodreads Author. Nancy A.

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Andrew Salmon Goodreads Author. With Fantastic Art provided by Sean Ali! Get A Copy. He can be a bad boy, just out of prison and she the daughter of the most honest politician the town has ever known. The reasons are always the same. With the next good book you read, think about my three points. Labels: Allison Knight , Windsong.

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Blogging on Thanksgiving? Well, I have to do something after the table is cleared and the football games are on. And if you're reading this, then you're amusing yourself while the turkey is settling or waiting for pie or, if like me, you just can't watch football.

So, I'd like to thank you for dropping in and spending even a few minutes with me. And to thank you, I'm giving away the very first copy of my e-novelette, Tattoos, Leather and Studs. The story doesn't release until December 4th so this is like a sneak preview for one! But a famous rock star vying for her attention and spiked champagne pose far more trouble. Is Jimmy not a hunk on a motorcycle? You might just want to hop on behind him, bad boy or not. So leave me a comment and your email address. I'm really excited about giving away this first edition.

Could this room get any thicker with sweaty, grinding bodies? The rapacious drumming coming from the guy standing at the table next to her grew louder by the minute. He threw his whole body into his efforts, and she could barely avoid rubbing hips with the man while trying to not bump into her date on her other side. Rubbing hips with her date would be perfectly fine. Thigh to thigh would be better considering his legs.

Rachael planted her feet firmly, but one particularly hard shove from behind, by a guy trying to dance his way to the bar, sent her sideways into her date giving him full knowledge of her breast size and resulted in a flirtatious smile. Jason leaned in close, his mouth dampening her earlobe with his words. She could barely hear him above the noise.

What were you expecting? His emphasis on intimate sent goose bumps between her thighs. Rachael raised one foot and then the other; her high heels cramped her feet. Her scan included his biceps. He had nice arms, but what did all those strange symbols mean? There were so many of them. She could hear Shelly— Loosen up girl. Stuffy Mark had you in a five-year rut.

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How true. She used to know how to have fun. Her gaze drifted around the room and back to Jason. But the world changed while she was holed up with stay-at-home Mark. Jason shifted his arm on the table, muscles and tattoos flexing.

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Her heart thumped. Had she accepted a date with a bad boy? His mouth grazed her ear again. Makes the crowd bearable. Definitely nice firm thighs. Did he do that on purpose? Why was her mind telling her one thing and her body another? His rant sounded nervous, but he smelled so sensual in his Halston Cologne and smiled so charmingly.

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And he could talk intelligently about Lautrec. Muscular thighs and Halston—apparently her sister knew what tempted her.

At the break, the decibels dropped to the tolerable roar of the black vinyl crowd. He ran his hand along her spine from her neck to her waist. She nodded her head, the tingle of his fingertips leaving her speechless so she forgave the eardrum assault. The crowd noise made talking difficult anyway, she reasoned. His mouth stayed by her ear, his breath tickled her lobe and his fingertips slipped off the edge of her dress and onto the bare skin between her shoulder blades.

She glanced toward the bar, caught a glimpse of that gorgeous profile. After the show, she could decide whether to beg off for the rest of the evening or not. Tattoos, Leather and Studs coming in Dec Honey on White Bread coming Dec The Morning After coming summer Labels: and romance , blind date , brenda whiteside , free book , Jimmy Thomas , thanksgiving , The Roses of Prose , win drawing.

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I always scoffed at magic or lucky charms. It was a good luck charm, and my father apparently wore it throughout the 2 nd World War. There was magic in the boomerang, the lady who had given to him was convinced of it, as was my aunt. Whether Dad believed in it or not, I have no idea. The original owner apparently survived the carnage of the 1 st World War. So, did the good luck charm live up to its name the second time around?

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Wounded in action in Malaya, and transferred to an Australian Military Hospital in Singapore , my father was blown out of bed, but survived the Japanese bombs which took the roof off his ward. The British forces fell back across the causeway into Singapore. Day and night the fires burned. The bombers came over spreading their destruction. Shattered shops were left to the mercy of looters, bodies rotted in the streets, and packs of marauding dogs gorged themselves with little resistance, as a pall of black smoke hung over Singapore.

The giant British guns that might have saved Singapore were embedded in concrete and pointing out to sea. Useless to quell the invaders who came over land through the jungle. All aircraft and ships had departed loaded with civilians, nurses and wounded, and after this desperate flotilla sailed off, those left behind could only await their fate.

In the last terrible days before Singapore capitulated in February , trapping 80, Australian and British troops, a small boat braved the might of the Japanese air force and navy, and set off, crammed with wounded. Only soldiers who were too incapacitated to fight yet could somehow mobilise themselves, were given the opportunity for this one last chance of escape.

With a piece of his back bone shot away, and weakened from attacks of malaria, Dad had somehow made it to the wharf, with a rifle and the clothes he stood up in. As the boat wended its way out of the Singapore harbour, littered with the smouldering debris of dying ships, a Japanese bomber dived low over them, but the pilot obviously had more important targets on his mind.

Pro Se Presents: November 2011 Pro Se Presents: November 2011
Pro Se Presents: November 2011 Pro Se Presents: November 2011
Pro Se Presents: November 2011 Pro Se Presents: November 2011
Pro Se Presents: November 2011 Pro Se Presents: November 2011
Pro Se Presents: November 2011 Pro Se Presents: November 2011
Pro Se Presents: November 2011 Pro Se Presents: November 2011
Pro Se Presents: November 2011 Pro Se Presents: November 2011

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