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Centurion: Defender of Rome - (Classic Roman Empire War Game)

The Roman army clings desperately to its remaining fortresses along the Rhine, its legions riven by dissent and mutiny, and once-loyal allies of Rome are beginning to imagine the unimaginable: freedom from the rulers who have dominated them since the time of Caesar. The four centurions — two Batavi and two Roman, men who were once comrades in arms — must find their destiny in a maze of loyalties and threats, as the blood tide of war ebbs and flows across Germania and Gaul. For Rome does not give up its territory lightly.

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The legate would not have been a career soldier. He would have seen his command appointment as a step in a wider career that involved periods in diverse civil and military roles. He was in turn supported by tribunes, and centurions sing.

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Many centurions came up through the ranks. They had their own complex hierarchy with the primus pilus being the senior centurion of the legion.


Distinguished by their vitis , or cane of office, the centurions were generally career soldiers. Each centurion had a second in command or optio , whose badge of office was a long cane with a knob at one end. It is often imagined that because they were formed of Roman citizens, the legions that came to Britain were full of Italians — they were not.

Most were composed of soldiers drawn from citizen communities outside Italy. Quite a number, for example, came from Gaul and Germany.

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The crucial issue was not place of birth, but citizenship. Auxiliaries served in a range of smaller formations commanded by prefects or tribunes. There were cavalry regiments sing. Infantry units sing. A mixed unit or cohors equitata pl. Cohorts and alae came in two broad sizes, nominally strong quingenaria or 1, strong milliaria.

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Their organisation as we understand it is summarised below, but we should assume that there was considerable variation even within unit types. Theoretical strength of auxiliary units under the Principate based on Haynes , p. Each helmet represents a century of infantrymen and each horse represents a turma of cavalrymen. Alongside these different types of unit, another formation emerges in the late first century, the numerus pl. We still know little about these entities. The very vagueness of their title numerus simply means unit compounds our ignorance.

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The prefect of the 2nd Tungrians has discovered his secret. Only a miracle can save Marcus from disgrace and death…. Marcus Aquila — burning for revenge on an enemy that has killed one of his best friends — rides north with the Petriana cavalry. He believes his disguise as Centurion Corvus of the 2nd Tungrians is still holding.

Pitiless assassins who know his real name, and too much about his friends. Anthony Riches is brilliant at both. The murderous Roman agents who nearly captured Marcus have been defeated by his friends. But in order to protect those very friends from the wrath of the emperor, he must leave the province which has been giving him shelter. There he finds a very different world from the turbulent British frontier — but one with its own dangers.

Tungrorum, the center of a once-prosperous farming province, a city already broght low by the ravages of the eastern plague that has swept through the empire, is now threatened by an outbreak of brutally violent robbery. A bandit chieftain called Obduro, his identity always hidden behind an iron cavalry helmet, is robbing and killing with impunity. His sword — sharper, stronger and more deadly than any known to the Roman army — is the lethal symbol of his unstoppable power.

And now he has moved beyond mere theft and threatens to destabilize the whole northern frontier of the empire. Fresh from their victory in Germania, Marcus Aquila and the Tungrians have been sent to Dacia, on the north-eastern edge of the Roman Empire, with the mission to safeguard a major source of imperial power. The mines of Alburnus Major contain enough gold to pave the road to Rome. They would make a mighty prize for the marauding Sarmatae tribesmen who threaten the province, and the outnumbered auxiliaries are entrusted with their safety in the face of a barbarian invasion.

Beset by both the Sarmatian horde and more subtle threats offered by men who should be their comrades, the Tungrians must also come to terms with the danger posed by a new and unexpected enemy. They will have to fight to the death to save the honour of the empire — and their own skins. The legions are overstretched, struggling to man the forts of the northern frontier in the face of increasing barbarian resistance. The Tungrians are the only soldiers who can be sent into the northern wastes, far beyond the long abandoned wall built by Antoninus, where a lost symbol of imperial power of the Sixth Victorious Legion is reputed to await them.

The Centurions Empire The Centurions Empire
The Centurions Empire The Centurions Empire
The Centurions Empire The Centurions Empire
The Centurions Empire The Centurions Empire
The Centurions Empire The Centurions Empire
The Centurions Empire The Centurions Empire
The Centurions Empire The Centurions Empire

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