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Maybe it was just as simple as the fact that, as one D. She may not have had gold records, but she had plenty of musical integrity to hang on her wall. Tell us what you think. Please upgrade your browser. Site Navigation Site Mobile Navigation. Wow, that sounds like quite far. This happens in higher dimensions.

It has a reason that you were born in this time. If you would return in about years from now, then the fifth dimension could be one of the lowest energies. So imagine that zeitgeist, although there is no time in a linear manner.

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This is purely circular and it is running essentially around each other in constant repetition, like your soul that has many lives in the same time. It is an exceptional phenomenon to understand for the mind. What's your next question, my dear? As I understand, we are going through that intensity, so that we then cleaned up all the remnants, the debris and when the intensity comes at the largest group of people; as lightworkers are the forerunners. That's quite like that.

It is so, that these counter forces will be enormous. This will have an impact on the lower regions, as it stretches across an exchange area. There is not a tight line to be drawn between the dimensions.

And dear Inge, it is true that most people will go through a very difficult period. Actually the lightworkers have cleared the field, once more. They are still much needed - not so much to clean up but to stay in their own light. It will be urgently needed to meditate and get in touch with other lightworkers.

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For this purpose, many groups are brought together. On certain dates, there is a bigger opening to the light realm, making an ideal time to meditate. It will be important for the lightworkers to maintain their high energy and not to get involved in what goes around them, so that they are the example and that others can pull up to them in the long run. What we wish is that you as lightworkers stay close together and clearly sense when clarification or explanation is needed. Then, consciously take the time to work it out. This is essential to keep your energy high and to be able to move further.

Stick together and when the light workshops are beginning, it will all be a lot easier lWhat do you mean?

Soul Bearers

Because the energy than comes together in a particular frequency. That's right, and then we are automatically connected to each other. Inge: Me and my friend We were talking about the intensity. Given the intensity in our own emotions, this should be quite really tough for most of the people who have never been turned inwards. Their negative emotions will be imposed on those who are standing in their power. The car was off, my hands were still clutching the steering wheel, and I just sat there looking out the windshield trying to cope with the loss I was feeling.

All of the sudden, a Monarch Butterfly flew into the car, fluttered around in circles, then landed on me.

The Torch-Bearers

It seemed like he was there forever. Then, he just flew back out the window. I had such a feeling of peace come over me. At the time, I wasn't aware of the term "Soul Bearer", but it truly felt like my dad had gotten a message to me. Butterflies have been very special to me since. Thank you so much, Sylvia, for sharing the message of The Soul Bearer with us.

Dear Sandy, It was a pleasure featuring on Sandy's Spotlight and an even greater honour to be the first post on your new blog!

I still keep seeing soul bearer butterflies from time to time, especially when I'm feeling weighed down with life's problems. Whenever I see one, I simply call out "Hi mum, how are you? Sylvia, Your presentation of your inspiration for this book was compelling. I have never experienced a "Soul Bearers" moment involving butterflies, but I did have an experience that was emotionally similar after my mom passed, so I know the feeling.

Good job and good luck. Thank you Scott. I guess when we lose a loved one we always look for signs that will help us to know that our loved one is doing okay. Nothing compares, in my opinion, to the loss of a loved one--and this is why the signs are so important.

Cheers, Sylvia www. This story is very similar to an experience my mom had after her father passed away. She has had nothing but good things to say about you and your books, I will be picking them up on my kindle! Sandy, you have done a fine job with this site. Congrats on that. It was also nice to meet Sylvia here and get acquainted with her work. Both of you keep up the great Indie work! Nice to be in contact with a fellow writer from Australia.

Lovely web page and a great way to become acquainted with you and your work.

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Look forward to reading your books. I love the look of the site, and was very glad to read more about Sylvia after seeing her intro on the video. Your story is such a powerful, moving one, too, Sandy. The soul bearer butterfly is tattooed on my foot that represents my grandfather.

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I was there when he passed, but I was not there when my mom had the experience. This means a lot to me. Sylvia, As you can tell, this is a very special and tender subject for my daughters.

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Barbara, Isn't Sylvia just the best. I have to tell you that I really loved this book, the Soul Bearers. You can always tell when something is written from the heart. Jenny, Who knew that there was actually a name for what I experienced? It really was an amazing thing to happen.

The Soul Bearers The Soul Bearers
The Soul Bearers The Soul Bearers
The Soul Bearers The Soul Bearers
The Soul Bearers The Soul Bearers
The Soul Bearers The Soul Bearers
The Soul Bearers The Soul Bearers
The Soul Bearers The Soul Bearers
The Soul Bearers The Soul Bearers
The Soul Bearers The Soul Bearers

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