The Three Trials of Odeiyon

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Non-video game examples:

In the process, they learn old friend Bobby Singer is trapped in Hell due to Crowley and decide to rescue him. Ajay gets Sam into Hell through a portal in Purgatory , but Crowley learns what they are up to and kills Ajay to trap Sam. Sam rescues Bobby from Hell, but like Crowley planned, they become trapped in Purgatory. At the same time, Kevin hides the rest of the tablet rather than working on the third trial out of fear of Crowley and Naomi reveals to Dean how Sam got to Hell. Benny agrees and rescues Sam and Bobby from vampires. Sam carries Bobby's soul out of Purgatory in his arm while Benny stays behind to hold off more vampires.

On Earth, Sam attempts to release Bobby's soul into Heaven, but is blocked by Crowley who recaptures the soul. Naomi appears, drives Crowley off and releases Bobby's soul from Crowley's spell, allowing him to ascend to Heaven and completing the second trial. Sam is affected even worse by the trials and is left in a weakened state following the second trial to the point Dean tries to leave him behind in " Pac-Man Fever.

In " The Great Escapist ", Sam, who is steadily getting worse, and Dean track down Metatron , Scribe of God and writer of the demon tablet and convince him to rescue Kevin from Crowley. Kevin escapes with the second half of the demon tablet and he and Metatron let them know what the third trial shown on the second half of the tablet is: cure a demon. They are left confused by what this means but during " Clip Show " work with Castiel to search through the Men of Letters archive to try to find a way to do this.

Eventually they find the recording of a strange exorcism performed by Father Max Thompson and learn of his successful efforts to turn a demon human again , effectively "curing" them of being a demon.

Kid Icarus: Uprising - Chapter 24: The Three Trials

Learning how the ritual works, Sam and Dean decide to attempt it on Abaddon , but she escapes instead. In " Sacrifice ", the Winchesters pretend to agree to a deal Crowley offers them, to stop killing people they've saved in exchange for giving up the trials and capture him instead to use as the third trial as he is keeping all demons away from them. They take him to an abandoned church where Sam confesses his sins and starts the ritual while Dean works with Castiel on what he believes is the trials to close Heaven. Over the course of eight hours, Sam injects Crowley with purified blood and he becomes more and more human while Sam's arms glow and he gets sicker and sicker as a result of the trials.

As Sam is about to finish the ritual and close the gates of Hell forever, Dean stops him as he has learned from Naomi that doing so will kill Sam. Sam at first doesn't care, but is eventually convinced to stop the trials, "letting them go" and getting rid of the glowing that appears in his arms. However, Sam is so weakened by his efforts at that point that he collapses. In order to save him, Dean allows the angel Gadreel , secretly posing as Ezekiel to possess Sam in order to heal him from the inside. When Sam expels him with help from Crowley in "Road Trip", he is strong enough to survive without an "angelic pacemaker" and Castiel is able to finish healing him normally in " First Born " though his body starts to revert to the state it was in after the trials when Castiel starts removing left-over grace from Gadreel.

This is stopped when Castiel finishes the healing without removing all the grace. Compare Plot Coupon and Threshold Guardians. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. The Matrix: Path of Neo has the Merovingians set three trials that Neo has to pass to escape the chateau.

The first is escaping an M. Escher type maze, the second trial is fighting your way through a club of vampires and the third is a fight with the Witch Queen to finally escape. Action Adventure. To elaborate: Link to the Past had the Player collect the three pendants of virtue of wisdom, power, and courage. The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds also has Link gather the three pendants - or rather, visits one dungeon for an unrelated reason, then learns he already acquired the first pendant before entering it, then going after the other two.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time has Link gather the three spiritual stones of forest, fire, and water, needed to open the Door of Time. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword has the three first Silent Realms, the three dragons' songs, the first three dungeons set in three provinces A century later, Link can unlock the Shrines hidden behind them by offering the scales of the dragons to them. Present in level 6 of Devil May Cry 3.

Non-video game examples:

You are presented with three challenges, representing strength, skill and intelligence. Passing one of them gives you nothing, passing two opens the way to the end of the level and passing all three nets you the Artemis gun. Turgor has one of the brothers announce you will be given three trials to determine your worthiness, given one after another. However, the second trial is failed before you even start it.

The Three Trials - TV Tropes

Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge has a variation in four trials per act. To get a Voodoo Doll you need four items - "something of the head, something of the thread, something of the body and something of the dead". You have to do this twice in the game, once early on for Largo so you can leave Scabb Island, and once towards the end for LeChuck so you can escape the basement using different items in different areas.

Between these, you also have to get the four map pieces, which is way more convoluted than it sounds. Done several times in The Curse of Monkey Island : First you need to find a map, a ship and a crew of 3 in the second act. Then in the fourth act you need to find a ring, a diamond, and a means of removing a cursed ring hand lotion.

And again in Escape from Monkey Island , where Guybrush has to prove his innocence by finding and retrieving the stolen loot, find the real perpetrator, and find a piece of evidence that ties him to the crime Played with in the Melee Island segment at the start.

Guybrush is told that he'll need a crew, one of which will have to be a navigator.

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  • Optimisation of procurement processes by the example Sanitärtechnik Eisenberg.

The other two, Carla and Otis, are recruited at the same time by the same method, and the actual third trial turns out to be requisitioning a ship. And yet again in the first chapter of Tales of Monkey Island , when Guybrush has to board a Ship, find a treasure and start a fight so a journalist gives Guybrush information on a person that can get him off the island he is in when he has a story to write about in his newspaper.

And yet, yet again in the second episode, where Guybrush has to find three golden holy items hidden around the Jerkbait Islands No, our math isn't off. One of the members always votes the same as his pal. The fourth episode changes up this trope a bit by charging Guybrush with four crimes to get himself acquitted from, followed by someone remarking "I thought there would be three" , and then with having to find six voodoo ingredients.

It might as well be three cimres, though, since one is such an obvious lie that all you have to do is press the plaintiff on the obvious lie three times. The third episode mixes it up a bit. After getting their votes and holding them hostage, you have to interrogate them in order to figure out where the manatee-speaking device is. One of them always sides with another, lowering it back down to three The fifth episode references the trope namer itself with each of the three possible pirate afterlifes being based on one of the tree trials: Swordfights, treasure hunting, or thievery.

The challenges Guybrush must complete in each realm also fit the trope. Day of the Tentacle , the entire game between the prologue and the endgame. Interestingly done in that each task is set in its own time period and pursued by a different character.

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Hoagie needs to find power to his Chron-O-John in the s. This involves finding the blueprint for a super battery, components to build said battery, and managing to charge the finished product. Bernard needs to find a replacement diamond. Or rather, managing to change history so that the Edisons become rich, find the safe code and order one.

Laverne needs to escape from a tree, escape from tentacle jail, find a disguise and in the end power on her Chron-O-John. Note that each of these is undoing the damage inflicted on Homestar by an earlier set of Three Trials stealing Homestar's clothes, stealing the head from Marzipan's float, and entering the Race to the End of the Race disguised as Homestar.

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Parodied in "Strong Badia the Free"; Homsar tells Strong Bad that he'll only join him after he completes the "three ancient tasks of great boredom", but very quickly admits that he was only joking. The same game also plays it straight with the Induced Hypochondria puzzle, where you have to make Strong Sad think he's got "acute aphasic pretendicitis" by simulating the three main symptoms of the disease. In "Baddest of the Bands" Strong Bad must get three bands to sign up for his "Battle Royale of the Bands": he has to get Coach Z and Bubs to re-form their rap duo which itself requires pulling three pranks to convince Bubs that Coach Z is still "hardcore" , get Homestar a job singing with Pom Pom, and convince Marzipan to enter her band Cool Tapes in the contest instead of playing a benefit for an endangered albino bat.

Then once the contest starts, Strong Bad must sabotage all three of the other bands. Used in every Telltale Games adventure ever, at least Once an Episode. Back to the Future: The Game : About half the episodes feature this. For example, the three demeanors in Ep.

Another Adventure Game example from The Journey Down : to get your Seaplane running in the first chapter, you need to get three components. Grim Fandango Year 2 is built around one of these. Manny must acquire unionised worker bee equipment for Glottis and sober up his sidekick in the process , forge a maritime union membership for himself and steal from a major mafia boss in the process , and finally prevent a ship's cook from showing up for work and dig through giant kitty litter in the process. Ebooks

The last 3 puzzles in the first Dark Fall game, even called such in the backstory. The first one is solved by finding a set of colors and inputting them in a certain order; the second via matching the 4 elements to sounds you hear in said trial. The third relies on a sequence of sounds in the room with the trial. In the first episode of Hector: Badge of Carnage , Hector meets the three demands of the terrorist: fixing the clock tower, destroying the porn shop, and funding the town beautification project.

And in episode 2, to get Hector out of the ruined building, you need to find some explosives, a fuse and a means to light the fuse. In Quest for Glory III , the rite of manhood for Uhura's tribe involves three contests: spear-throwing, a balance beam "fight", and a footrace though there are "mini-contests" within the footrace as well. King's Quest I follows this pattern pretty straight, with the three treasures as a magic chest, a magic shield, and a magic mirror.

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  • Sarah Gets Tied Up on the Way to Work (Tales of Sexual Domination and Submission)!
  • The Culling Trials 3.

The difference being in KQI, the treasures are required to win the game, not just to solve the first quest. Peasant's Quest : You have to stink like a peasant, dress like a peasant, and be on fire like a peasant before the knight will let you go fight Trogdor. And then there are the three guardians who ask you questions outside Trogdor's lair and give you the equipment you need.

Explicitly stated in Epic Mickey , on Mickeyjunk Mountain.

The Three Trials of Odeiyon The Three Trials of Odeiyon
The Three Trials of Odeiyon The Three Trials of Odeiyon
The Three Trials of Odeiyon The Three Trials of Odeiyon
The Three Trials of Odeiyon The Three Trials of Odeiyon
The Three Trials of Odeiyon The Three Trials of Odeiyon

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