When We Are Married (Oberon Modern Plays)

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Act 2 Scene 1

I am a big fan and I have a copyright question for you. The characters you use in Gargoyles are besides the main cast are mythological. So that would put them in the public domain, but your spin on them is that protected by copyright. Such as Oberon and Titania's connection to Avalon and their devours. Thanks and Cant wait for Rebels and whatever else you do.

Oberon and Titania, to use your examples, are public domain. But our designs of them are not.

A Midsummer’s Night Dream | Fall Shakespeare I: Team 1

And it one began to hew too closely to the backstories we created for them, Disney could, in theory, sue. It's set in a world where all of Shakespeare's plays really happened? And I won't, so as not to crowd my head with other folks' ideas. Sounds really cool, though. We were trying to accomplish the same thing among other things on Gargoyles. I noticed in another series of children's books called The Sisters Grimm that the author, Michael Buckley, also had Puck as a main character, only he has the form of a 12 year old and seems to have the mindset of one.

He also has a pair of pink insect wings despite still being a shape-shifter that he isn't ashamed of at all. He's written in a way that makes me believe he could have been your version of Puck at a younger age, though he is considered in that series to be the literal child of Oberon and Titania Oberon's children, haha. I can't help but wonder if there's some of the Gargoyle show's influence at work here.

Do you think it's possible he watched your show, Gargoyles, or more likely that it was a coincidence? Your rendition of Puck really rekindled an interest of fairy lore in me, especially since I love tricksters and their amoral personalities that make them so complex. I love how you never know if they'll do something 'good' or 'bad' to someone else simply on a whim, and you portrayed that so well. I read a previous answer of yours to someone else that said you didn't want to label Puck, Oberon, and Titania as 'faeries' because of the pejorative connotations that the word has.

I realize and empathize with you about how fairies are often thought of as nothing more than pretty little girls with butterfly wings or something to that effect, who wave magic wands to grant wishes and always do good. Makes me sick. Is that why you didn't have Puck, Oberon and Titania portrayed with fairy wings despite their status in their original play?

If so, why bother to have Puck fly around at all, let alone with fairy dust trailing behind him? There's a show I recently learned of called Durarara!! To hide the fact she has no head, she wears a full helmet and tries to blend in with the city, acting as a transporter and courier for gangs and info brokers, forcing fans to reconsider their initial mental image of a typical fairy.

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I think if you had recognized that Puck and the others were Fae, it just might have saved the Fae's tainted, modern day reputation, considering how well-known and admired the Gargoyles show is. However, I understand respect the choices you made, and it was pretty much obvious who they were in the long run. I don't recall saying no to the words "faery", "fairy" or "fae" because of perjorative connotations.

I think the point I was making is that Oberon and Titania were "larger" than that. The Children of Oberon include those creatures traditionally associated with the "fae" but also various pantheons, etc. Hi first time questioner, long time fan so here we gp 1 Does Titania still have feelings for Renard? Was he in the human world aswell? If he had died what would have become of his children? They'd probably become Titania's Children for the short term.

Beyond that, I'm not to big on hypotheticals. The question in the last queue about whether Fox and David can vote after getting out of prison, and my own thoughts about the Third Race and Oberon's Law against interfering with mortals, has led me to this question: What does the Law of Oberon prevent and what does it allow, in terms of Oberon's Children participating in human politics? Can they vote? Can they get any more politically active than voting? Leaving aside whether they actually want to do any of these things. They can eat lunch with other humans.

They can see movies made by humans. They can conduct business with humans, and so, it follows, they can vote as humans vote I have another question regarding Oberon and Titania. A donkey-headed fast-talking rogue like Bottom is hilarious. Reading the play I sorta think that Bottom is a Shakespeare self-insert. Hermia thinks that Demetrius hurt Lysander but in reality, he is off chasing Helena due to the love spell.

Meanwhile, Helena being chased by Lysander wonder in. As soon as Demetrius sees her he falls in love due to the new spell put on him by Oberon. Now both of them are in love with Helena and she freaks out thinking that they are messing with her. Helena and Hermia argue, insult each other, and even get into some eye scratching and slapping.

Meanwhile, the two men are both exceptionally mean to Hermia while professing undying love to Helena. After a while, they begin chasing each other in the forest meaning to fight. Oberon and Puck decide to fix the situation so Puck uses his magic to confuse everybody and put them to sleep. Once asleep he removes the love spell from Lysander so he will go back loving Hermia.

One thing that got my attention is the fact that when Puck removes the love spell he only removes it from Lysander, not Demetrius. Suddenly both parties, Oberon and Titania arrive in the forest with their retinues.

Home, I'm Darling (Oberon Modern Plays)

Their main argument is about a young boy Titania brought with her from India. After arguing a bit Titania takes off with her fairies.

source url Oberon summons Puck and tells him about a magical flower, its nectar if put on the eyelids of a sleeper will cause that person to fall in love with the first thing they see when waked. Puck takes off to find the flower.

How It All Goes Down

Demetrius enters the grove chased by Helena. She is professing her love for him and he keeps on telling her off. All he wants to do is find Hermia so he could bring her back. Oberon watches the whole scene hidden from sight and he feels bad Helena. After the two leave Puck returns with the magic flower. Oberon takes some of it and orders Puck to find the Athenian and make him fall in love with the woman he is mistreating. He means Demetrius and Helena. The whole Indian boy side plot is kind of weird and really just an exotic sounding pretext to cause the argument between the two.

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What we have here, of course, is the comedic setup. Oberon sneaks up and squeezes the magic flower juice onto her eyelids casting the love spell that will make her fall in love with the first thing she sees. Meanwhile, Hermia and Lysander are lost in the forest and decide to sleep for a bit.

Lysander tries to sleep next to Hermia but she chides him and they end up sleeping apart when Puck finds them.

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Seeing Lysander away from Hermia he assumes that he is the Athenian Oberon wants enchanted so he squeezes the magic flower juice on his eyes before disappearing. Demetrius runs through with Helena chasing him still professing her love.

She finally gives up in despair and stops to catch her breath when she notices Lysander sleeping on the ground. Worried about him she wakes shakes him and he awakens with the spell taking hold of him he instantly falls in love with her. He begins to profess his love for her but she gets mad thinking that he is mocking her so she runs away with him chasing her.

I like that initially Helena is the desperate creep chasing Demetrius but ends up being creeply chased by a melodramatic Lysander professing his undying love.

When We Are Married (Oberon Modern Plays) When We Are Married (Oberon Modern Plays)
When We Are Married (Oberon Modern Plays) When We Are Married (Oberon Modern Plays)
When We Are Married (Oberon Modern Plays) When We Are Married (Oberon Modern Plays)
When We Are Married (Oberon Modern Plays) When We Are Married (Oberon Modern Plays)
When We Are Married (Oberon Modern Plays) When We Are Married (Oberon Modern Plays)
When We Are Married (Oberon Modern Plays) When We Are Married (Oberon Modern Plays)
When We Are Married (Oberon Modern Plays) When We Are Married (Oberon Modern Plays)
When We Are Married (Oberon Modern Plays) When We Are Married (Oberon Modern Plays)
When We Are Married (Oberon Modern Plays)

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